Percs Presents: The 6th Annual Ski, Snowboard, and Noboard Trip
to Jan 14

Percs Presents: The 6th Annual Ski, Snowboard, and Noboard Trip

What's the best thing about the middle of the first semester? Believe it or not, its not failing a mid term while that one friend tells you how easy the exam was. The BEST part of hitting the middle of the first semester is that we're HALF WAY to SKI TRIP!!! 

(I'll give you a break to catch your breath and quickly tell your liver to quiet down, because despite it's objection, you ARE going!)

Also read all my Bull Sh*t to fid out how you could win 50% off your ski trip! 

Last year you ask for a slightly shorter bus ride... We delivered
Last year you asked for a bigger hot tub... Oh baby did we deliver
And last year you asked for an even wilder party... I can't wait until we deliver on that! 

This year we'll be calling Panorama's Mountain Resort's Upper Village home. You will be staying in condo style rooms fitted with full kitchens, just steps away from one of the biggest hot tubs I've ever seen (honestly, go look at the cover photo... it outrageous.) 

Tickets include 2-way transport on luxury coaches, accommodations and lift passes for skiiers. 
Price for skiers: $409
Price for non-skier (Me): $350

Tickets will go on sale Monday the 23rd of October at 9am and are likely to sell out with in the day. 

Want to save 50% off your trip? For EVERY $10 you spend online at the Percs store you will get one entry to win 50% off your trip and a guaranteed spot on our ski trip. 

Can't wait to party with you all in 101 days, 8 hours and 9 minutes!

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PERCS Presents: FUGG Night
6:00 PM18:00

PERCS Presents: FUGG Night

What better way to kick off the start of reading week than with a FUGG ya!

PERCS presents our semi annual Faculty Under - Graduate Games Night aka FUGG Night

This semesters activity is …….. QUIDDITCH brought to you by the U of A quidditch club.

All you gorbs know you've always wanted to give this spooky sport a whirl and what better opportunity to make a fool of yourself than whilst wearing a super dope costume with all your friends and classmates who see you everyday.

Come to the PERCS office (VVC 2- 235 in case you've yet to find it) and sign up with a partner between October 30th and November 6th and get put on a themed team together with other cool phys ed peeps.
Don't have a partner? WE'LL FIND YOU ONE, trust us, you'll have one by the end of the night ;)

We'll be heading to Denizan's downtown afterwards to kick off reading week the only way we know how whoop whoop

$5 for fugg + $5 for the baaar come to both, come to one or the other, just help us celebrate a week of no classes. 

Please direct any questions you have to your intramural crew Jevs or Kody K and hope to see you all out for Halloween!

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PERCS Presents: Yet Another Ridiculously Generic Halloween Party
to Oct 28

PERCS Presents: Yet Another Ridiculously Generic Halloween Party

I could write a clever message telling you why you should come to our ridiculously generic Halloween party. I'd probably use a few super intelligent play on words, like how the only thing scarier than your Halloween costumes, is getting an email saying your midterm marks are in. And because of that, I'm sure everyone is in need of an excuse to: put on a shockingly small, amount of clothing, go out with friends and have a shockingly large amount of fun. I could write all this, but throughout my time in the Physical Education and Recreation faculty (yeah that's right I'm not sold on the whole 'Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation' thing just yet) I have come to realize that all of you have rather short attention spans and have probably already stopped reading this. So I'll skip the poetic art, that is creating an enticing invitation and just tell you the "pumpkin spice latte" information that you all want (If you didn't get that, a pumpkin spice latte is basic, I.E. I'm telling you the basic information that you all want... what am I doing with my life). 

This year PERCS is throwing their ridiculously generic Halloween party at the Pint downtown on Friday, October 27th. Tickets are $5 and will be available in the PERCS office Monday the 16th. Tickets include priority entrance and a prepaid drink before 1030, as well as a private room and bar for our group. It's Halloween, the bar is going to be bumping, show up early to avoid getting stuck in line!

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Rookie Camp 2017
to Sep 17

Rookie Camp 2017

PERCS is very excited to host it's largest event of the year, Rookie Camp 2017!!!!! Rookie Camp is a 3 day student retreat for new students to the Faculty and is jam packed with lots of games, sports, and activities!

Rookie Camp is from September 15-17th at Camp Barvnok. FOOD INCLUDED! 

Tickets on sale until September 13th 2017. Get your ticket now at

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to Mar 17


It is once again time for PERCS biggest, craziest, sloppiest, and greenest event. Not green as in environmentally friendly, green as in what’s going to be in the toilet the morning after a night of drinking swamp green beer. 

This year we are going even bigger by teaming up with the Nursing Faculty and heading down to the Pint on Whyte on Thursday, March 16th. We have the entire back room booked for this event, and there are no doubts that we will fill it up. 

Tickets are five dollars and will be available in the PERCS office or from any PERCS member starting tomorrow. They will also be available through the NUA! Tickets include VIP entrance and a prepaid drink before 10:30. Also, show your ticket anytime before 9pm and receive free perogies for a year!!! 

Don’t want to pay for a ticket? Need some green clothing? Buy any piece of PERCS merchandise online between March 8th and March 16th, and show your receipt to receive a free ticket! 

Be sure to buy your tickets soon as they are sure to sell out!

Remember to plan for a safe ride home, drinking and driving is not an option so plan to take a Taxi, Uber, or designate a driver!

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10:30 AM10:30

PERCS March Madness Bracket Challenge

March just started, and you know what that means... its time for some MADNESS! 

To fundraise for the MS society, PERCS is creating a pool, with 100$ worth of Phys Ed and Rec prizes for you to win. All you need to do is go online and make a bracket then head to the PERCS office to pay the 10$ entry fee! The tournament begins on the 14th so all brackets need to made before then. 

The password to enter the pool is: biketour

Now for the good stuff. The winning bracket will recieve:
- 25$ gift card to RATT
- Free PERCS events (bar nights and FUGG nights) for a year
- 1 free piece of PERCS clothing
- Free prinitng for a year (500 pages)

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to Dec 2


Brian Maraj and other professors are hosting a squash court from 9-5pm on December 2nd to raise money for the Free2BMe program in the Steadward Centre. It is $5 for 10 minutes. A session can be a lesson or a competitive game! Come by the PERCS office to sign up! 

If you are not keen on playing squash, you can donate to create a bracket for the student squash tournament! $3 for 1 or $5 for 2! 

You can donate online here:


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