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PERCS Presents: Yet Another Ridiculously Generic Halloween Party

I could write a clever message telling you why you should come to our ridiculously generic Halloween party. I'd probably use a few super intelligent play on words, like how the only thing scarier than your Halloween costumes, is getting an email saying your midterm marks are in. And because of that, I'm sure everyone is in need of an excuse to: put on a shockingly small, amount of clothing, go out with friends and have a shockingly large amount of fun. I could write all this, but throughout my time in the Physical Education and Recreation faculty (yeah that's right I'm not sold on the whole 'Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation' thing just yet) I have come to realize that all of you have rather short attention spans and have probably already stopped reading this. So I'll skip the poetic art, that is creating an enticing invitation and just tell you the "pumpkin spice latte" information that you all want (If you didn't get that, a pumpkin spice latte is basic, I.E. I'm telling you the basic information that you all want... what am I doing with my life). 

This year PERCS is throwing their ridiculously generic Halloween party at the Pint downtown on Friday, October 27th. Tickets are $5 and will be available in the PERCS office Monday the 16th. Tickets include priority entrance and a prepaid drink before 1030, as well as a private room and bar for our group. It's Halloween, the bar is going to be bumping, show up early to avoid getting stuck in line!

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