The Physical Education and Recreation Council of Students (PERCS) is group of student representatives that organizes social, academic and charitable events with the goal of improving student life and community development within our faculty and community. 


Our Mission

Through dedication, hard work, and enthusiasm, PERCS will be recognized University wide as one of the most cohesive and outstanding student groups on campus based on the strong leadership of the members, and the successful social, physical, academic, and charitable events held by this group. PERCS will create a sense of pride amongst the Faculty and respect that echoes campus wide through their continual commitment to enriching the student experience and inspiring all members of the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation in their quest for success and achievement. 

10 Great Things PERCS Does For You:

  • Rookie Camp - has been a long-standing tradition in our faculty and is a big contributor to the feeling of community that exists within the halls of our great faculty. Rookie Camp is PERCS biggest undertaking, meaning that we spend countless hours designing the weekend to be the best that it can be, with the goal of each student leaving with the feeling of belonging to a new and exciting family within their faculty
  • Convocation - Each year the Grad Representatives on our student council is responsible for working with the faculty to plan and organize the reception after the graduate’s convocation. Tickets are available for purchase in the PERCS office. A new tradition for the Faculty is having grad meet before or after Convocation at the Alberta Bear for a class picture. Be sure to check your UAlberta email for information regarding convocation activities, both student and faculty driven.

  •  MS Bike Tour - This year PER put together an enthusiastic team of nearly 50 students to bike the gruelling 180 km stretch between Leduc and Camrose to raise funds to help end Multiple Sclerosis. With swanky, faculty-provided racing jerseys, our team was arguably the best dressed team and look forward to doing it all again this upcoming June. Stay tuned for faculty-run spin classes to help keep fit throughout the winter as we prepare for next year's tour!

  •  Summer of Service - During our time away from school the members of PERCS try to find ways in which we can give back to the awesome community that surrounds campus. Shortly after the Lost Creek Fire tragically burnt through a large portion of Fort Mcmurray our council, in cooperation with the Phys Ed and Rec Graduate Student Society, hosted a day full of sports specifically for families that were evacuated from their homes.  

  •  PARTIES! - Our faculty has an awesome reputation for hosting some of the best, most rad parties on campus. If you have a hard time believing this because of our relatively small number of students then you will just have to attend one and see for yourself. Stay current through email, facebook, and instagram where we post information about all upcoming events.


  •  Study Groups - Each semester members of council book a study space where they lead group study sessions to help students through some of their tough courses. This time is a great opportunity to share information with fellow students and to make new friends while doing it. So the next time you hear the words "bell ringer" in one of your classes you can escape panic mode by participating in one of these great sessions.
  • Faculty Undergraduate and Graduate Nights (FUGG Nights) - Get whacky once a semester at PERCS infamous FUGG nights where students are entered into a tournament featuring a per-determined sport. Each team selects a theme to dress as for the night, and trust me, I am always impressed with the creativity of these costumes. We've seen everything from Tacky Tourists to Sexy Star Wars! These nights are designed for students to get to know each other while playing sports, laughing at goofy outfits, and then usually ending the night with a trip to the nearest pub.    
  • Winter Soiree - As fall semester comes to an end come and join 200 of your new friends in Dinwoodie Lounge for a formal night of cocktails, live music, and even a comedic hypnotist! Scheduled to take place near the end of November, the Winter Soiree is a perfect way to relax and catch up with friends before they go into hiding in preparation for finals week. This event is always well attended and is quickly becoming a Phys Ed and Rec favourite.With prizes such as a weekend long, all expenses paid for ski trip how can it not be? Tickets are available at the beginning of November, so keep that in mind once snow starts to fly.

  • Printing - Within our office in VVC 2-235 we offer printing services to any student within the faculty of Phys Ed and Rec for only $5. Just come on in, introduce yourself, print your notes, and maybe even join us for a quick game of crib or squash. The office is open from 9am-3pm daily, making it convenient to access this simple service.

  • Faculty Connection - It is the job of each and every member of PERCS to act as a liaison between the undergraduates and the faculty staff of PER. Whether that means inquires about degree program changes or research initiatives give us a holler and we will help you to the best of our ability. It's our goal to make sure that the voices of the student body are always heard and listened to.